Our mission at CDMorgan & Associates, Inc. is to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients based on exceptional mechanical design, proven problem-solving strategies, and cost-effective solutions that meet our client’s needs. 

Since 1996, our company has been providing our clients with precision to detail and a strong dedication to excellence ensuring the best quality of mechanical engineering services and project management for their investment.

Our vision is to exceed the expectations of each project by designing systems that will function effectively for years of continuous production. From start to finish, we will provide design concepts, project planning, site selection, system comparison and selection, code evaluation, existing system evaluation and remediation, construction, engineering, and commission.

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  • Engineers That Listen
  • Passionate Design Team
  • Architectural Support 
  • Climate Specific Designs
  • Access To Your Engineer
  • Site Specific Solutions
  • Streamlined Design Process
  • System Testing Prior To Solution Design

CDMorgan & Associates, Inc.
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Mechanical Engineering specializing in healthcare facilities. 

    Is your surgery suite too hot and humid?

   Let us design your new surgery suite to facilitate a new state of    the art laminar flow clean room environment.